Top 10 Ways To Get App Downloads

App Downloads

There are plenty of ways to get people to download your app, but what are the most effective ways? Here is a list of the top 10 ways to get app downloads.

1. Cater to the crowd – If you want to have an app worth downloading, you better have a really great use for it. You can’t create an app that no one will be interested in, so make sure that when brainstorming app ideas you take into consideration what people want and need.

2. Beat out the competition – Also take into consideration what type of apps there are, and what types there aren’t. If you know of an app that would be put to good use and you see no competition, even better! Go for it! However, if you are creating an app that someone has already created, you better find ways to beat out the competition through pricing, looks, features or something else that users deem important.

3. Pricing – You don’t have to be cheap, but don’t be outrageous. Apps shouldn’t be too costly, and they should cost depending on the features and accessibility. Keep in mind that some apps are free, so watch your competition and don’t make your offer too steep, or you will turn customers away before they even have a chance to look at what you offer.

4. Features and Accessibility- Your app needs to be easily accessible, meaning you should make an app that can be used on an iPhone, iPad and laptop to cater to all users. You should also keep the features fresh and updated, and make sure they are easy to obtain and use on ANY device!

5. Languages – You also want to cater to those around the world, and not just the country you are from. You want to go global with your app, and not just national. Have options for languages such as Chinese, Spanish and French and maybe even Korean. English must ALWAYS be an option since it is the universal language.

6. Keywords – You will want your description to have keywords that target your specific app. So if you have an app for editing photos called “PhotoLabit” you will want to use the word Photo in your description at least 3-5 times. Keywords in your description actually increase downloads.

7. Create a Video – If you create a video, showcasing how your app works, you will have a guaranteed 100 percent download from all viewers. Viewers want to see that the app actually works, and they want to know HOW it works and what exactly to do with it. Creating a video for your app will let viewers know that your app is worth downloading, thus creating more downloads.

8. Allow Buyers to Obtain Discounts/Rewards – Discounts allow users to purchase your app, and maybe even more features with your app if they know they can use a discount code or if they know they get rewards for downloading. You don’t have to make it a huge sale or anything, just give them 10 percent off if they download before a certain date. Allow your viewers to obtain rewards if they download features.

9. Get Social – You will obviously need to get the word out, so being sociable will raise your views and downloads significantly. Twitter and Facebook are the two biggest social media sites out there today, use them to your advantage when needing app downloads. Get the word out about your app through social media and word of mouth, as often as you can.

10. Analyze Your Data – Keeping track of your data and sales are important. Analyzing your data and keeping a note of everything helps you improve your downloads, so keep track of every move you make.

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