Policy & Procedure Development

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Policies & Procedures are the strategic link between the Company’s Vision and its operations. But why is that so important?

It’s because well-written policies & procedures allow employees to understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits.

They allow management to guide operations without constant intervention. Without them, a business can experience uncertainty from its staff and inconsistency in client management and delivery of services.


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We work with you and your team to develop policies and procedures that guide how decisions are made and how the work is done in that organisation. Well written policies and procedures increase organisational accountability and transparency and are fundamental to quality assurance and quality improvement programs.

Even where you have ‘unwritten’ policies and procedures they still exist, guiding the decisions and determining how people who interact with the organisation are treated. The problem with unwritten policies and procedures is that they are not subject to the usual organisational reviews and accountability processes. In the absence of written policies and procedures, unacceptably different approaches which make the organisation inconsistent and inefficient can develop.

We will give everyone a clear picture of how to work within clear boundaries and framework, to make everyone’s lives easier.

This includes writing Standard Operating Procedures or Role Guides specific to each role.

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