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Gone are the days of needing complex, long and verbose business plans. Whilst business plans definitely have their place, for many businesses they get written and put in a drawer never to be reviewed or used again.

This is where the one-page plan is effective. It extracts the most important elements of a business plan so you can focus on key goals. It looks at financial targets, your how and why, as well as your 5 key strategies and how you will implement them. This cost-effective solution is perfect for any business that needs a strategy outlined but doesn’t have an extensive budget.


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Service Details

We deliver One Page Plans (also known as Plan on a Page) that provide businesses with a roadmap of where the business is heading, ensuring that there are clear goals in place and a plan as to how this will be achieved.

We are experienced in all areas of business planning and take all the features or a verbose business plan and distill it into one easy to follow document. 

We stage our process to ensure time and money are not wasted. Developing your One Page Plan looks like this:


We have a kickoff call with your key stakeholders, to gather as much information as possible about you, your team, your business and what you want to achieve. All key stakeholders are given a detailed questionnaire to complete – which helps form the background and basis for your business plan.


We take your information and research your market, current conditions and analyse the best way to present your data to your desired audience. 


In our research phase we see key risks, threats or weaknesses that we feel have not been addressed adequately. We look at how to fix these and have further consultation with you and your key stakeholders. We ensure you are aware of any perceived risks and we develop strategies for action together. 


With a validated & solid concept we build a framework of the One Page Plan we are going to prepare. A typical plan has the following sections:

  • Your purpose & why
  • Your product or service that solves the problem
  • Value Proposition, i.e., what gives you an edge over competitors
  • Your business model, i.e., how you make money
  • Your target market, i.e., your customers and the market size
  • Your sales and marketing plans, i.e., how you intend to approach the customers
  • Your core team
  • Financial, including sales forecast and current financial standing
  • 5 key objectives & major strategies & initiatives to achieve them
  • KPIs & Tracking Milestones

We agree on the plan framework, and then begin building the content first. We don’t worry about styling or waste time here – this document is all about function. It is not something you are trying to make a visual impact with, just a clear roadmap to the success of your business.

(One Page Plans can be done for an entire company, departments in a company or a particular project)


We present the One Page Plan to you either in person or via video conference and walk you through each section. We give you strategies and the tools you need to confidently take your plan, implement it and get the most out of it.

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