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The core of our strategy is the belief that successful businesses must maintain a balance between commercial issues (such as brand, channels, innovation, revenue, profit, and efficiency) and cultural issues (such as leadership, values and communication).

Together, we will review your business and explore how commercial and cultural issues affect your ability to take things to the next level. We will design a program for change that addresses these issues and is a blueprint for transformational growth.


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You’re driven to succeed.

You understand that the most successful leaders are always evolving, finding new sources of inspiration and seeking trusted advisors with fresh perspectives. You believe that change begins with strong leadership. And you’re ready to make a difference — for yourself, your team and your organization.

Building Champions transforms leaders who transform teams and organizations. We help you become the leader you want to be — a catalyst for positive change in those around you. We believe that extraordinary leadership drives outstanding cultures that yield incredible business results. We offer a variety of programs designed to develop leaders, teams and organizations.

Our team of coaches are all entrepreneurs in their own right, with experience in business and come from varied backgrounds. This means we can connect you with the right coach for your unique needs.

 All our coaching programs begin with a focus on self-leadership, including your thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, competencies and disciplines, because once you can lead yourself, you are better able to lead others. We focus on the power of one-on-one coaching, building strong and trusting relationships with our clients to accelerate results.

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Following our recent merger with Soto Consulting we are gradually moving website. Whilst this website and new merger gets up to speed, you can still read about our services and contact us here.

You can read about the merger at our new website, or keep browsing here. Either way, when you enquire please don’t be alarmed if we respond from a Soto email address.