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Gone are the days of needing complex, long and verbose business plans. Whilst business plans definitely have their place, for many businesses they get written and put in a drawer never to be reviewed or used again.

This is where the one-page plan is effective. It extracts the most important elements of a business plan so you can focus on key goals. It looks at financial targets, your how and why, as well as your 5 key strategies and how you will implement them. This cost-effective solution is perfect for any business that needs a strategy outlined but doesn’t have an extensive budget.

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For any business to succeed, either big or small, it is important to have a plan of how you want to get things done. While well-written detailed business plans have their place, however, new trends are emerging.

If you aren’t looking for investment but just simply need a strategy document to shape and guide your decisions, keep you aligned, on track and accountable – this is where a one-page plan is effective. It gives a quick and succinct view of your business and what to do to keep growing. Since we are limited to a page, we trim irrelevant information, marketing fluff and communicate the most important elements of your business plan.

One-page Plan and Executive Summary: The Difference
Many people tend to confuse one-page plans with an executive summary. A one-page business plan is a map that outlines the goals of your business and how you plan to achieve them, as opposed to an executive summary that talks more to your idea, and your opportunity.

We consult with you, take your content & work with you to fit the content on one-page. Focusing more around your 5 key objectives, the strategies needed to achieve them and the initiatives that will support the strategies. We also include key KPIs that you can use to drive results.

Content is Crucial; Design is Secondary
When writing a one-page plan, many businesses focus on the design and layout of the plan. However, it’s really not important – what’s more important is the content of your plan. We shift your focus towards what you want to communicate through your plan, as it is the most critical aspect.

How you say and what you say is, perhaps, the key determinant of a successful plan. This is why we developed a one page plan – it is the most cost-effective solution for any business just wanting a solid roadmap.

Key Elements of a One-Page Business Plan
Our one page plans are very effective. We extract the most important aspects of your business plan so you can focus on the key goals. It includes your financial targets and how and why you want to implement certain strategies in your business.

The following are the key elements of our successful one-page plans.

  • Your purpose & why
  • Your product or service that solves the problem
  • Value Proposition, i.e., what gives you an edge over competitors
  • Your business model, i.e., how you make money
  • Your target market, i.e., your customers and the market size
  • Your sales and marketing plans, i.e., how you intend to approach the customers
  • Your core team
  • Financial, including sales forecast and current financial standing
  • 5 key objectives & major strategies & initiatives to achieve them
  • KPIs & Tracking Milestones

Our one page plans are the perfect tool to get you setup for success. If you are a brand new business, or have been trading for years every business can benefit from a one page plan.

Should I have a business plan instead?
Business plans definitely have their place, but for any business owner they are hard to write and often take too much time, and they can be expensive. We write a lot of them, they definitely have their purpose, but we love the one page plan and think that it is a great starting point for businesses with small budgets but big dreams, or anyone just looking for a bit more structure.

I want this! Once I purchase what are the next steps?
Once you purchase we will be in touch within 24 hours to organize a 1-hour consultation call and send over a detailed questionnaire so we can capture your business details and get to work quickly.

Once you have sent over all the required information it takes 4 working days to complete the plan. We may need to ask you questions during this time so make sure you let us know if you prefer email or phone correspondence.

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    IMARI Consulting is a boutique advisory firm focused on creating experiences that shape business perception, through the belief that design adds value and a strategic approach is as important as execution.

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