HR Skills – Are you falling behind the digital revolution?


Globalization and technological advancement have transformed the labour market globally. Talk about the fourth industrial revolution, i.e., digital revolution only. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have ushered an era where the work environment is more integrated. Technology platforms have taken over in a big way.

Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on HR

Gone are the days when HR was only responsible for hiring, training, and administrative tasks. From strategic and tactical planning to business partnerships, HR has to be skilled in all areas. Today, the fourth technological revolution has also redefined the future of work.
The unprecedented changes that HR is undergoing require learning and adapting to the new technologies and apps with confidence. To be precise, the invasion of AI in the workplace demands three main considerations when it comes to HR:

  • Incorporation of AI within the HR function
  • Incorporation of AI in the business operations HR serves
  • Incorporation of AI globally

The evolving working environment is unpredictable, more complex, and much more integrated. The time has come to combine different technologies to create smarter interactions. To cope with the automation trends and technology trends, HR must be equipped with a range of digital skills, including:

  • Digital HR
  • Data Analytics
  • Multi-platform UX (user experience) design
  • Mobile expertise

1. Data and HR Analytics

HR has to be skilled in data collection and analysis as HR analytics is “in-demand.” Don’t believe me? The numbers say it all. According to a 2017 Deloitte report on JoshBersin, 69% of organizations are working on a people analytics system.
Last year, LinkedIn found a 61% year-on-year increase in people who listed HR analytics as a skill in their profile. Expertise in HR analytics can help you in:

  • The hiring process
  • Employee retention
  • Delivering better employee training
  • Acquiring better management insights

2. Tech-Savvy HR

With the advent of technology, HR managers now rely on multiple tools and techniques in all aspects of employment. Staffing platforms, Chatbots & Artificial intelligence are a few of the skills that must be on the fingertips of an HR professional.
Also, HR software that drives culture, such as CultureAmp, is an essential business tool. For many organizations, this software has become a part of their system, and the HR team must have the required expertise to deliver the best results from these platforms.

3. Diversity and Inclusion

Many studies in Human Resources found that businesses are now focusing on diversity in the workplace; HRM is adopting inclusion policies. A big challenge for HR is to manage employees on a digital landscape. They should have the ability to build strong teams. Also, don’t forget that your human resource function must have strong online collaboration, in case your employees are recruited in different locations.

Fourth Revolution and the future of HR

The field of HR is evolving, and traditional training models have already become obsolete. The workforce is more diverse with employees from different age groups, that have very different abilities when it comes to adopting technology for business improvement.
Many organizations have adapted new technology for their HR functions. For instance, HR managers are using personal productivity measurement tools or outsourcing casual labour management and labour hire through online platforms like Sidekicker. But this is not enough. The goal of HR professionals should be to thrive not survive when it comes to the adoption and use of technology and not only prepare for the future – but embrace it with open arms.

What can I do?

If you are an HR professional, there are a few ways you can be at the forefront of technology to ensure you are keeping up to date with industry best practice:
Look to your peers

  • Look at what other industry professionals are advocating and getting measurable results from.
  • Join an HR Professionals group online (LinkedIn have some great ones) and see what trends are emerging

Attend Industry events
It is likely you are a member of one or many industry organizations, head to the annual conference or networking events, this is a great time to see what game-changers are influencing your sector.
Hire an HR TechStack professional
Who can review your HR practices and help you digitize some if not all of them? Expect to pay anywhere from $100-$500 per hour. We can help here so feel free to contact us (link to contact us) for more information.
Good old Google
Jump online and get googling. There are plenty of articles that will be relative to your role and/or industry regarding great software that you could be implementing with minimal business disruption
Go to the top
Often big business can be the first to innovate purely because they have more financial resources to do so, but this can mean an easy transition into similar tools that are scaled for your business. Look to the biggest in your industry to see what they are doing. Even reach out on LinkedIn and let them know you would love their advice on what does and doesn’t work with HR tech.

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