How To Motivate Your Staff

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Any business owner would say that motivating their staff can be one of the most challenging tasks in the workplace. Humans are emotional creatures, and what happens in an employee’s life often does affect their performance in the workplace

But it doesn’t have to. 

Psychology says that motivating one another is one way to boost self-esteem, and make someone happier, even when in a bad mood. And when one’s self-esteem is lifted, and they become happier about their life, they perform better at work and keep up the positive attitude. And a positive attitude will then inspire others and in turn off on other employees.

To motivate your staff you will have to follow a series of ideas, and theories, so to speak. You are using psychology when you motivate another human being, therefore you get into someone’s emotions and can affect their personality. That being said, be careful what you say and how you say something, a tone in your voice, or the wrong words, can set off another person in a bad way, and possibly hurt them. Motivation is all about positivity, lifting someone else up.

Find Something Good in ALL of Your Employees

You will want to compliment your employees, personally, one on one, letting them know they are doing a great job. This doesn’t need to be fake, you need to mean what you say, and say what you mean. There is something good about everyone, so find out what that is with each and every employee, and then compliment them on their work ethics the next day to build their self-esteem. This also helps build trust towards you and management, as well as confidence in you and management.

Offer Some Type of Points System/Bonus Points

One great way to motivate your staff is to set up a points system, or bonuses of some sort. If you are motivating a sales team, you could allow the employees to participate in a point’s system program where they achieve points with each sale they get, or they receive bonuses with each sale they get. This will motivate each and every employee to get on their job and make some sales! There are many different point’s system and bonuses that you would be able to give, not just compensation or raises, but you can give gifts, or days off. When the staff has something to compete for, or a prize reward, they tend to be more motivated to meet deadlines.

Physically Applaud Your Employees or Announce/Recognize Their Strengths and Achievements

This is different than complimenting your staff because that is done personally, one on one. When you publicly announce, in front of all employees and staff, that a particular employee or staff member has achieved a high sale, or something huge, it creates an atmosphere that makes each staff member want to be recognized in the same way, which in turn will motivate each employee to work harder. Not only does it make other employees work harder, but the one who has been recognized will keep up the good work, teaching the others to do the same. Applaud and praise your employees, publicly, to raise their self-esteem as well as their work ethic.

Creating a Good Work Environment

Probably the largest motivation factor in an employee’s career, is the work environment. If an employee has to work in hot conditions, with a boss who yells at them daily or weekly, chances are they aren’t going to be very motivated to work, therefore they will end up not performing such a great job. However, if you have a work environment that is positive, clean and uplifting, your staff will be motivated to come into work that day, as well as perform their job to the best of their ability. Create not only a clean, relaxed atmosphere, but also treat your employees with respect, as they should treat you and each other.

In order for employee’s and staff to perform the best they can at work, you will have to start by setting an example. The key to motivating your staff, is to motivate their self-esteem and with you as their leader, they will all follow along, and be motivated to make your business, their business too.

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