Estreya Accessories

Estreya Accessories

The Company

A celebration of the female spirit, Estreya is an online store for the quality- and style-conscious lady. Providing unique, eclectic and affordable fashion accessories. Estreya Accessories is accessible Australia wide catering to women who look beyond the department stores for those expressions of individual personality and style. In addition to the offering of unique products, unparalleled customer service, quality and value will complement the customer experience. The idea was to create secondary income with limited energy outflow for the owner. By getting the company structure and marketing set up in such a way that generated high customer referrals and allowed for time to be spent in other areas, not chasing up customers.

The Scope

Detailed marketing analysis & planning, market segmenting & research. Strategy & Business Planning, grant application writing & assistance with bank finance applications & presentations including the business plan and application of the cashflow and profit & loss projections. Continued ongoing business consulting.

The Outcome

Estreya Accessories was a very exciting project that combined extensive market research, thorough business and financial planning to get this e-commerce store off the ground. Developing a business plan was the cornerstone of the founding of this successful female fashion accessory company.

The business plan, marketing plan and financial plans were used to finance the capital that was needed. From that website development, as well as brand development were the starting point as well as social media strategy and management.

The process also included continued business consulting and mentoring, and collaborating with Perth marketing and public relations heavy weight pSquared Communications. Their help in planning and managing a launch event and model search was paramount to building the brand in the public eye and setting it apart from other local businesses.

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