Diagnostics Thank you


Thank you for completing the business diagnostic survey, it takes our consultants 3 working days to complete your report and they will return to you via email.

This is the first step in taking charge of your business and ensuring you are setup for long term success and growth.

What do I get in my report?

Every report is different depending on the areas we feel most need improvement. You will receive 5 key tips or ideas to implement that will be simple and effective. These can range from:

  • Marketing advice
  • Strategic planning tools & guides
  • Operational changes
  • HR direction & tips
  • Digital transformation
  • Additional services or products that might suit your captive audience
  • Free platforms & plugins to improve your website

How do you evaluate my business?

We use a combination of answers to the questions in the survey, an evaluation of your business using our online tools & combine scores for the overall report.

What if my score is bad?

A score under 75% isn’t ‘bad’ it just means there are clear areas we can target for improvement. The report will highlight these for you and give you guidance as to how to address them.

A score over 75% means you are getting most things right, and with a few small but very targeted improvements, you can progress from a good business to a great business.

A score over 90% is ideal – these businesses often lead the pack when it comes to growth, people management, brand story, best practice and financial sustainability.

Will you help us improve?

We can of course help with any trouble areas, however we will also direct you to free tools and resources either through our website or through other online platforms to guide you in the right direction. If you feel you need more help, we can have a conversation to see how we could help further.

Why are you giving away free services?

Our business is built off the ethos that better business practices help everyone. From you the business owner or manager, to your customers, to the greater economy. Too often have we seen small to medium businesses become a statistic and fail, and it is our belief that sometimes often the simplest of changes can make a big impact

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We're moving!

Following our recent merger with Soto Consulting we are gradually moving website. Whilst this website and new merger gets up to speed, you can still read about our services and contact us here.

You can read about the merger at our new website, or keep browsing here. Either way, when you enquire please don’t be alarmed if we respond from a Soto email address.