Business Plan Writing Guide & Template

Learn the secrets business planners don’t want you to know!

Use our detailed business plan writing guide and free business plan template to set up your business for success.
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Arna Jade

Arna is the CEO & Founder of IMARI Consulting. She has worked with NASA, BHP, Audi & hundreds of companies with a focus on business transformation, growth planning & human centric design.
Arna is able to help clients understand challenging or complex business problems from a variety of perspectives. By combining this with her broad management experience, she is able to bring unique perspectives to difficult problems. She is a skilled listener with an ear for the central themes of start-up issues, which she combines with a facilitated and collaborative approach to help clients find the right balance between freedom and focus that drives individual productivity and lasting business results.

What is in the Business Plan Writing Guide?

The Business Plan Writing Guide has all the sections you need to develop your own business plan. Your business plan can be used to seek investor funding, bank or other lender loans, grant funding or visa approvals.

Executive Summary

A synopsis of your business plan. We cover who you are, what you are selling, who is buying and how is it being funded.

Products & Services Summary

This chapter explains the products and/or services you sell to your customers. We help you cover off all the details so your offering to consumers is clear.

Market & Industry Analysis

We look at both who you will sell to and the industry you will be selling in. This section gives detailed insight into what investors will be looking for.

Sales & Marketing Plan

There are multiple sections that cover off both your sales approach and your marketing strategy. Getting this right is crucial for your business success.

Team & Management Plan

We guide you to thinking about how many staff you need, who is currently in the team, what resources you need to add and when.

Financials & Cash flow

Often the hardest part of the plan, we give you visual samples so you can create a financial plan and ensure your business is financially viable.


This guide & template can be used for ANY business type

Our business plan guide and business plan template has been designed so that any business can use it. You can create:

  • App Business Plan
  • Startup Business Plan
  • Established Business Plan
  • Not-For-Profit Business Plan
  • Investor Funding Business Plan
  • E2 Visa Business Plan
  • Loan Ready Business Plan

and many more….

*Available in PDF
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What Our Readers Say

Many businesses have used our free business plan writing guide and free business plan template to help build the foundations for the business or help their established business growth.
We used the template and guide 6 years ago to bring together our idea and it really helped the team come together during the planning phases. It was a great tool and very easy to follow.
Terence Borgioli
Bespoke Menswear Designer
I used the template to build a franchise model of my successful day spa business. The questions in the plan really helped prompt us to think about what our market truly needed.
Elle Herron
Waitaha Day Spa Owner
I was a sole trader web designer looking to grow into a business with staff and take on bigger projects. It wasn’t until I downloaded the guide and template that I realised I really could build the business of my dreams.
Rick Frazier
Ink Splatter Web Design
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Setting a solid foundation for your business is crucial to knowing what you need, when you need it and how you will achieve it. Did you know:
  • 97% of businesses in Australia have less than 20 staff
  • 31% of businesses shut down within 4 years of operating
  • 40% of small businesses are not making a profit
Use our tools and resources to help grow your business and flourish amongst your competitors! INSERT IMAGE INFOGRAPHIC

Want More Help?

Want to have our experts work with you and help you along the way. We have 3 packages available for all levels of business.
One Page Plan

We extract the most important elements of a business plan so you can focus on key goals. It looks at financial targets, your how and why, as well as your 5 key strategies and how you will implement them.

This cost-effective solution is perfect for any business that needs a strategy outlined but doesn’t have an extensive budget.

Simple Plan

You will have all the elements listed in our business plan guide, only we will build the content and context for you. As well as advise you best ways to make your business a success.

This is best for established small to medium sized businesses or new businesses not looking for funding.


Complex Plan

We go into great detail and really flesh out your financial, marketing and operational plans. We put in place implementation plans so that once the business plan is complete, you can hit the ground running with immediate tasks and actions.

This is best for businesses looking for investor funding, grant funding, loan funding or visa requirements.

Other Useful Resources

We have plenty of other resources that can help you perfect your plan including financial plans and strategies, marketing plans, social media plans and implementation plans.

Don’t see what you need? We have many documents to support your business CLICK HERE

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Financial Plan

Available in MS Excel or G-Sheets

Use our Profit & Loss worksheet to map out your expenses and income to put into your plan.

MAR001 Business Marketing Plan Template Thumb
Marketing Plan

Available in MS Word or G-Doc

Create a stand-alone marketing plan for your business.

MAR002 Social Media Tactical Plan Thumb
Social Media Tactical Plan

Available in MS Word or G-Doc

A full plan & strategy for your social media.

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