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How to Create a Winning Pitch Deck?

Whether you are a startup owner or have an established business, there comes a time when you need adequate investment. However, raising capital for your …

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business plan
Get the Most Out Of Your Business Plan

A business plan is an important determinant of success for startups and established companies alike. Essentially, a business plan is a written document that entails …

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labour hire licensing
Is Your Labour Hire Provider Setting You Up for Failure (and fines)?

The employment landscape is dynamic, and there is an increasing demand for qualified workers across different industries to work for short term periods. Despite the …

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HR Skills – Are you falling behind the digital revolution?

Globalization and technological advancement have transformed the labour market globally. Talk about the fourth industrial revolution, i.e., digital revolution only. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the …

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5 Ways to Stand Out in the Office

Are you looking for a promotion or unique opportunities at work, then you need to make sure that you are standing out in the office! Here are some tips to help you make your mark.

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blog facebook ads
Make The Most of Facebook ADS

How to make the most of facebook advertising

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blog motivate staff
How To Motivate Your Staff

How to motivate your staff, business leader, tip, advice

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App Downloads
Top 10 Ways To Get App Downloads

There are plenty of ways to get people to download your app, but what are the most effective ways? Here is a list of the top 10 ways to get app downloads

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Write perfect press release
How To Write The Perfect Press Release

Writing a press release is usually nerve wracking, especially since you are submitting your work to a professional newspaper. However, if you follow several simple steps, press releases can actually be quite easy to conquer.

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Increase e comm sales
How To Increase E-Commerce Sales

When you advertise your business online, having a website isn’t going to be enough to draw the traffic that you need to increase your sales. There are several basic necessities that you will need within your site, to improve your e-commerce sales

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Standout group interview
How To Stand Out in A Group Interview

Group interviews can be nerve-racking, and as if an interview isn’t hard enough, now you are placed in a room with other job seekers, competing for the same position as you. Although this might seem like a tough situation, there are ways you can stand out from the crowd during a group interview and land that job you’re competing for.

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Pros and cons existing business
Pros and Cons of Buying an Existing Business

In many cases, buying an existing business can be a safer option than starting one – one with fewer risks and many benefits. Even then, the decision to hit the ground running should not be one that is made on a whim.The clear first step is to identify your choice of industry, depending on your particular skills, your financial capabilities, and your interests. If you have been looking to buy a new or existing business, have of this article before you make up your mind.

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unconventional business woman
An Unconventional Business Woman

There’s a lot of women who are successful in business, however as a female I seemed to have made my mark on the business world in a rather unconventional way. I have often been asked about how I ended up owning IMARI and what my drivers are. So I thought I would give a bit of history for those who wish to read.

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viral marketing
Can My Small Business Benefit From Viral Marketing?

While the concept of viral marketing is not new (who hasn’t heard of word of mouth marketing?), the rise of social media has given it new shape and direction. In its simplest form, viral marketing means getting other people to share your content. But the power of the internet enables your message to be heard by thousands, if not millions, in a very short span of time.

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Strong business goals
Setting Strong Business Goals for Long-Term Success

A part of business planning, goals help you keep on the right track and give you additional motivation to continue working hard. While making profit is the ultimate goal for any business, achieving that requires strategic planning and setting specific workable milestones.

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coworking space
Coworking Space: Is It Right For My Small Business?

Coworking space is simply a space for individuals to work independently, together. The idea of shared office space is gaining in popularity in Australia, with many major cities offering multiple options.Coworking is comparatively an inexpensive way of setting up an office. It is especially attractive if you are a small business owner, a work-from-home professional or an independent contractor who is currently working out of your home.

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international market
Things to consider before entering the international market

With seven current Free Trade Agreements, and several more in the pipeline, the time is certainly right for Australian businesses to break into foreign markets. However, the decision to enter a new market is certainly not one to be taken lightly. A detailed plan of action where you will always be in control is imperative for long-term export success. Additionally, you need significant investment of both time and money, and stakeholders who are fully committed to the idea.

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work life balance
The importance of work-life balance

One of the downsides of technology is our inability to truly ‘disconnect’. With smartphones becoming the norm, it is increasingly expected that we are ‘always on’ for everyone around us. This has helped push that elusive ‘work-life balance’ a bit more out of our reach.

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asking for the sale
Asking for the sale: How do you convert a conversation into actual business?

With globalisation and the rise of social media like LinkedIn and Facebook, sales conversations have undergone dramatic changes. Earlier, salespeople talked about their products (or services) and customers listened. Prospective customers were less aware of the options they had, and relied on the salesperson’s knowledge.

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understanding business finance
Understanding Business Finance

Financial literacy is a vital skill for a small business owner. To make financially sound decisions, you should be able to understand the figures and to track and analyse your financial statements. If you do not understand the statements yourself, you will always be at the mercy of another person – definitely not an ideal scenario.

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