At IMARI Consulting, we specialise in dealing with those who have great ideas but need a little help realising their vision. Be it a first-time business owner or a budding entrepreneur, often the first step is the hardest. We make the process easy, comfortable and exciting. We will offer genuine advice as to the possible success of your idea and be transparent in our approach to building the foundation so your idea becomes reality.

When did you last check if your business was performing optimally? Do you think there are areas your business could improve in?  Complete our FREE business review and receive a two page report on areas for improvement valued at over $1,000. It takes five minutes to complete and we will get your report back to you in three working days.  Your report will contain five key areas of improvement and some suggestions on things you could implement in your business to help.

We believe in a holistic approach to business strategy using a foundation that is built off innovation and creativity, personal responsibility, excellence, customer focus, integrity, teamwork and collaboration. This ethos is why IMARI has been so successful to date.

We have had continued success and strive to build profitable businesses that we are proud to represent. We are honest in our approach to your business idea, and we will not accept engagement if we do not believe we can deliver your desired outcome.

Personal Service

Deadlines are met, phone calls are returned and your challenges are given in-depth, out-of-the-box thinking.

Niche Expertise

Our expertise lies in using consultants niched to your business or industry. We’re consulting specialists rather than generalists.


We become part of your team, we live and breathe your vision and ethos to ensure the heart and soul of your mission is achieved.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Google & Coding for Africa Project

"We received delivery beyond expectations,Arna was always full of engagement and great cooperation. Looking forward to working with her again."

Bruno Olivera

Bruno Olivera

BMSO Consulting

Rhodes & Beckett Investor Pitch

"We quite honestly would not have gotten the project done without Arna. She helped to structure the entire pitch. We received positive feedback across the board. "

Dr Joseph K Ziegler

Dr. Joseph K Ziegler

AO Capital

Coder Camps
Pitch Deck

"Arna is a top tier business strategist and a joy to work with. She's quick on her feet, attentive and willing to go as far as necessary to get the job done. Look forward to working with her again."

Thomas Allen

Thomas Allen

S. Marlowe

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We're moving!

Following our recent merger with Soto Consulting we are gradually moving website. Whilst this website and new merger gets up to speed, you can still read about our services and contact us here.

You can read about the merger at our new website, or keep browsing here. Either way, when you enquire please don’t be alarmed if we respond from a Soto email address.