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TS Personal Training

TS Personal Training was born of a local rugby league legend who decided to put his efforts into his own personal training business. TS Personal Training focused on quick results for time poor clients as well as boot camp and group fitness training sessions.

Initially IMARI Consulting was contracted to provide business consulting so that the owner could start up the business, however after many discussions about the best way to compete in an already competitive market, it was decided that a different approach to the personal training industry and clientele would be undertaken. A detailed business plan was formulated with a marketing plan designed to differentiate this business from the current personal training companies in the industry.

TS Personal Training became a full time business generating a revenue stream to support the type of lifestyle of the owner had desired. This meant he could focus his efforts on his rugby career, and the business model he created could be transferred to an international market. This theory was tested when he got contracted to play in the UK and USA over 2 years, and still maintained his business whilst overseas.

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