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Polar Optics

Ozborn Eyewear was launched in the late 90s with a focused skew towards the 15 – 25 demographic who wanted a cool looking sunglass, available through the surf and sports industries, but didn’t have the funds to run with the ever popular Oakley, Arnette and Smith sunglasses (to name a few).

Ozborn positioned itself as an inexpensive edgy sunglass that allowed the younger consumer to still look cool without the bucks. Over the years through until about 2005 Ozborn Eyewear flourished and competition came and went, but unfortunately so did the surf and sports stores.

The industry was going through an upheaval with mum and dad stores being forced out of the markets nationally and the big corporates taking a larger stake in the huge dollars available to this niche market. With swelling competition in the price pointed sunglass category, it was a necessity to look at different demographics to try and increase consumer spend. The mid-range sunglass was virtually non-existent as the so called top end suppliers were able to drag uneducated consumers up meet their overpriced products.

This is where Polar Optics shone through. Launched in the summer of 2005, Polar optics nationally started with over 250 targeted high profile surf and sport outlets, thanks to the brand behind the brand, Ozborn Eyewear. With larger margins for store owners and greater buying potential from the general public, the polarised presence of Polar Optics became apparent.

Skewed towards a slightly older more educated consumer, Polar positioned itself as a fully polarised fashion sunglass with an incredible warranty under $100.

The scope included preparing & investigating market segments, market positioning and subsequent business planning and consulting.

Ozborn Eyewear & Polar Optics has leapt from success to success and shown that adjusting your approach to an ever changing market is the key to continued business success. Through careful strategic planning, IMARI & Polar Optics were able to ensure the market was continually re-assessed and targeted accordingly.

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