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Vital Business Signs: Service

1. My company tests and measures everything to ensure customer satisfaction:
2. We survey our clients regularly to determine how we can better serve them:
3. We analyse our mistakes as both a company and as individuals and learn from them:
4. We strive for excellence plus one percent:
5. We constantly educate our clients on the benefits ...
6. We choose our clients to fit our way of doing business:
7. We are certain of the needs of our clients and base our company on those needs:
8. Our direction and people can change instantly to meet our customers needs:
9. I would gladly give up or postpone a sale to meet my customer service agenda:
10. Our company continuously under promises and over delivers:

Vital Business Signs: Sales

11. Sales processes are managed weekly and measures are taken to ensure quotas are met:
12. My sales force is successful and undergoes regular training on both product and selling skills:
13. My sales force operates as a team rather than a group of individuals:
14. My sales force is equipped with quality point of sale materials and new tools are being developed:
15. A sales rewards programme is in place:
16. The production team supports the sales force and does everything they can to assist the sale:
17. Our sales volumes are continuously increasing:
18. There is little or no animosity or friction between sales and production departments:
19. The sales team is responsible for regular sales projections and is held accountable:
20. I am completely satisfied with my market share:

Vital Business Signs: Marketing

21. The company has found a niche for its product and no longer competes on price:
22. Everyone is aware of the lifetime value of our clients and that this value is increasing constantly:
23. We track our leads, client conversation rate and the number of transactions per client continuously:
24. We only advertise when we can test and measure the results:
25. We constantly educate our clients on the benefits of our products and services:
26. Every member of our team knows and understands our unique selling proposition:
27. Every member of our team is a walking, talking advertisement for the company:
28. We have an agency complete any creative work for our advertisements and insist on ownership of that creative work:
29. We always educate based upon our product's value, and never market on price alone:
30. We survey people who do not buy our products to improve our product or service:

Vital Business Signs: Productivity

31. Operations are for the most part fully computerised:
32. Designated people are responsible for the day to day operating decisions:
33. Staff do complete work and nothing is substandard and requires redoing:
34. Staff communication is satisfactory and duplication of work does not occur:
35. The company is driven by both quality and profit and both are measured regularly:
36. Every meeting accomplishes some specific objective or outcome:
37. Individual staff tasks are rated by level of urgency and importance:
38. Meetings between staff are scheduled in advance and spur of the moment encounters are avoided:
39. Staff have the opportunity to openly communicate about obstacles to their production:
40. The Staff have the environment equipment and the training they need to double their productivity:

Vital Business Signs: Profitability

41. Profit margins have increased over the last three years:
42. Profits will increase this year by no less than 10%:
43. Debt service as a percentage of gross profit decreased last year:
44. The ratio of the company's total debt to equity has decreased over the last year:
45. Break even levels are relatively low:
46. Individual responsibilities for achieving financial goals are clearly defined:
47. There is little or no animosity or friction between sales and production departments:
48. Our pricing policies are not tied to the market leaders:
49. Staff and facilities are being utilised to at least 80% of their potential:
50. Profitability as a rule is higher than the industry average and is not an issue for the company:

Vital Business Signs: Balance

51. I work less than 50 hours per week:
52. I have more time than I need to get things done:
53. I have an assistant to handle details ensuring I have space to focus on bigger things:
54. I exercise regularly and spend quality time with the people I care about:
55. I am putting aside funds regularly with which to become financially independent:
56. I have at least 10 daily well-being habits and I do them consistently:
57. I am proud of myself as both a business owner and as a human being:
58. My days are well planned and I never run on adrenaline:
59. I express my feelings long before they cause me undue stress:
60. I am happy with the amount of money I make:

Vital Business Signs: Leadership

61. I possess a clear vision of where the company is going and have written it out in detail:
62. The company culture is defined cooperative and forward thinking:
63. We have a clear mission statement:
64. The company provides social activities for the team:
65. I have a complete contingency staffing plan in place:
66. My staff treat their jobs as careers not short-term financial fixes:
67. I encourage my staff to set career and personal goals:
68. Decisions are pushed down the hierarchy as far as possible:
69. I continuously let my people know when I am proud of their work:
70. Ideas for improvement that originate from the team are regularly introduced into the business:

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